Sunday, March 20, 2016

Will I be angry in five years?

If you have ever lost something,
If you have ever broken anything,

If you have ever been hurt by someone,

Ask yourself:
Will this still be a problem in five years?

If not, then why should it be a problem now?

Has anything happened 5 years ago in which you were angry, sad or hurt in that moment?

Do you still have the same emotions five years later?

Will you still have the same emotions about your current situation?

Does thinking about the current situation make you think about another situation which you have forgotten?

If you don't remember, or it takes the same situation for you to remember previous situations,

If you know that in five years time you will not have as powerful of a feeling for said event, or if you know that you just won't care,

Might as well not be angry in the present.
Might as well not be sad in the present
Might as well not be hurt in the present.

If your problems won't be a problem in the future...
Why worry about them in the present?

Project yourself in the future,
Most things are just minor inconveniences,
It is of no use to get angry in that present moment,
If you will not be angry in five years
As anger serves no purpose.

Keep your calm as all times,

No matter what the circumstances may be.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Be, to Give

Love, to Love others.
Be Strong, to give Strength.
Believe, to give Hope.
Succeed, to help Others do the same.

Be, to Give.

Help is just a Tool

Help is a tool,
Help can be found in many places,
Help can be found from others,
Help can be found from books,
Help can be found from media,
Help can be found from schools,
Help can be found from jobs,
Help can be found from life experiences.

Help can be found everywhere,
But in the end,
The only person who can use those tools,

Is you.

Help is a tool,
You must be the one to hold the tool,
You must be the one to use the tool,
You can do positive or negative actions with all tools,
It’s not the tool that defines itself,
It’s the user behind the tool that does.

Don't Run from yourself, Communicate

Do not run from yourself.

Do not run away through self destructive means.

At every pause, you will catch up to yourself.

When you do, this is when you decide:

Do I want to run away again?
Or do I want to confront myself?

Do not run from yourself,
Do not run away from what you fear,
Confront yourself,
Communicate with yourself,
Ask yourself why you are running,
Ask yourself what would happen if you stopped running,
Running away only delays the problem,
No progress can come of it.

The sooner you confront it,
The faster you can communicate with it,
The better you can overcome it.