Friday, May 6, 2016

If everyday feels the same...

Then it is up to you to make it different,
It’s up to you to make that jump,
It’s  to you to take that risk.

One can hold your hand to the ledge,
But it is up to you to jump over,
Even if you do not make it,
You can always try as many times as you like,
The only failing is to stop jumping.

Jump whenever you are ready.

The soul has no schedule.

The soul knows no time.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The road to Success is made of Failure

As long as you keep getting back up,
You are succeeding.

There is no failure,
Failure only exist when you stop trying,
Failure is to be expected,
Failure exists surpass that failure.

Every time you fail,
You get back up,
And you continue on the road.

You will fail,
You will fail again,
You will get back up.
You will continue your road,
The whole road is your success story.

Every failure is a brick on your road,
Without failure, there is no road,
Every failure is part of your success,
Never stop for any failure, no matter how bad it may seem,
What is a failure to you may not be a failure to other,
What is a failure to others may not be a failure to you,

In the end you will see the road you have traveled,

And notice your road was your success story the whole time.

You are know that you are succeeding,
So go and succeed some more,
Make your road as long as you can make it.

You road may be a success of failures,
Success is getting back up from the failures.