Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Stop doing the things you enjoy

Stop doing the things you enjoy,
So you can start enjoying the things you don't.

If you stop from doing the things that you enjoy,
You may start appreciating the things that you didn't enjoy in the past.

When you enjoy these things, stop them too, so you can enjoy everything else.

In the end, you will be able to enjoy everything life has to offer.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Life is a learning process

If you ever feel angry,
If you ever feel sad,
If you ever feel guilt,
If you ever feel jealous,
If you ever feel frustration,

If you feel bad about anything of the above,

it's OK.

Use it as a lesson for the future.

Life is a learning process.

Life is like a school,
Life is a learning process,
Life is about getting your hands dirty,
Life is about learning,
Life is an experience,
Get as much out of life as you possibly can,
Live life like the next second won't exist.

It's ok if you fall and falter,
It's ok if you feel like you are not doing well,
It's ok if you are lost and confused,
It's ok if you feel like you are all alone.

You are not failing,
There is no competition,
There is no reward,
You are your own reward.

So grab your reward,
Use your reward to experience what you want to experience.

Life is what you make of it,
You can make a sandwich, a cake or a pizza,
Depending on the ingredients given to you,

There will be no other creation quite the same as your own creation,

So make the best creation that you can make,
Because the recipient of that creation is you,
And you are the most important person in your universe.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Time Will Tell

No matter what we think,
No matter what we do,
No matter the secrets,
No matter the lies,
Time will tell.

Time will always tell all.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Teach your inner demons

Do not try to kill or cast out your inner demons,
Teach them to be kind.

Teach your negative thoughts,
Teach your negative voices,
Think of them as your child.

Teach them the goodness of life,
Teach them to not hurt you,
Teach them to not hurt others,
Teach them to not hurt themselves.

Whenever they do something negative,
Tell them why not to do it,
Tell them that they are wrong,
Tell them that it is your mind, and they must respect your rules.

Teach them to be kind to you, yourself, to others, to themselves,
Teach them negativity may give them temporary happiness,
But won't do anything to gain everlasting happiness.

Always show them patience.

Never hurt your negative feelings and voices,
Don’t do unto them as they do unto you.

When they do try to hurt you,
Do not listen to them.
They are there just to hurt you,
Do not let them hurt you
Be the bigger person.
Negative feelings are childish,
They feed off the pain that you give them.
Do not be hurt by your negative thoughts,
Do not show them that you are hurting.
Laugh when they try to hurt you,
Show them that you are not afraid.
Never succumb to their negativity,
They are not part of you
Teach them the good of life through your words and actions.

Your negative feelings are not the true you,
Teach them to be like you.

Do not trust your negative thoughts and feelings,
I know not from whence they came, but they are not a part of the original you.

If they have the power to bring you down now,
Imagine the power they will have to bring you up,
When they themselves have learned to be kind.

You do you...

You do you.

Life your life the way you want,
do the things you want,
eat, drink, socialise with whomever you want,
it's your life.

You never asked to be born,
you are a tourist in this life,
so explore it.
Go do all the experiences life has to offer,
you are your own judge,
you decide what is right or wrong,
no one else can decide it for you.

Take the risk,
or don't.
Explore new worlds,
or don't.
Don't be afraid, fear is only an illusion.

You do you,


There is nothing better than you.

Internal happiness is eternal.

xternal happiness is temporary,
internal happiness is eternal.

Happiness found from outside sources won’t last forever.
Happiness found within yourself will last forever.

Happiness can be found from many different sources,
Sometimes those sources can disappear,
Sometimes those sources change,
Sometimes those sources can become a bore.

The happiness you find in yourself will always be in you,
No one will be able to take it away,
No one will be able to change it.

Internal happiness is always in you,

No matter where you are,

No matter what you are doing,
It’s always present.

To find internal happiness,
You must accept yourself,
You must accept your surroundings,
You must be content with what you have,
You must accept with what you may lose.

Imagine yourself in the worst possible situation,
Learn to be happy with that situation,
Count the blessings that you do have,
Your family,
Your friends,
Your health,
Your entertainment.

Knowing it all may disappear one day,
Knowing that if it does, you will be ok,
Knowing that all we really need in life are the basic necessities,
Everything else is a bonus,
A bonus you can take your time to obtain.

In the end,
We only have ourselves to love,
We only have ourselves to hate,

So be kind to yourself.

You are you own worst enemy

You are the one who chooses the pain and how much of that pain you inflict on yourself.
Letting yourself be hurt by someone means you are agreeing with what they say.
Never admit yourself to another’s insecurities.

You are your own worst enemy,
Others around you may influence you,
In the end, it is you who inflicts the pain on yourself.

Imagine a stranger hurting you,
Imagine someone close hurting you in the same way,
The same pain, different sources,
The stranger will hurt you less than the one who is close.

In the end, you are the one who accepts that the stranger hurts you less,
In the end you are the one who accepts that the one who is close to you hurts you more.

There is no one closer to yourself than yourself.
Do not let yourself hurt yourself, under any circumstance,
The external world may try to hurt you,
But you are are the final decider of how much pain you inflict on yourself.

You are your own worst enemy,

Be friendly with yourself,

At some points in your life,
You may be the only person who can either lift yourself up,
Or tear yourself down.

Do not let yourself be an enemy.

Let yourself be a friend.

Let yourself be a lover.

Uncertain Path vs Promised Path

The option of choosing the uncertain path,
May be much more powerful,
Than choosing the promised path.

The promised path may seem easier,
the promised path may seem more secure,
But choosing the uncertain path might have more reward,
Even if there is no pot of the gold in the end.

Choosing the uncertain path is its own reward,
To travel what others have not,
To bask in the feeling that you took that risk.

Even if the uncertain path is riskier,
The path itself will have given you much more reward,
Than the golden pot found along the promised path.

The journey is much more of a reward than what is found at the end.