Sunday, November 13, 2016

There is no one to blame...

There is no one to blame,
Not even yourself,
Not even others.
We are just a product of society,
a product of a chain of events that brought us here.
Had person A not done this, we would be elsewhere.
Had we done this, person B would be doing this.
No one is to blame.

We do things based on our past,
We do things based on our experiences,
We do things based on our perception of the moment.

We do things based on actions we have no control over.

It’s impossible for any action to be blamed on by anyone,
We are a complex web of actions and reactions,
All affecting each other every second of the day,
Without knowing what our actions do in the greater scheme of things.

So whatever happens,
Blame no one,
Because there is no one to blame.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Do not trust your negative thoughts and feelings

I know not from whence they came, but they are not a part of the original you.

Don’t listen to your negative feelings,
They are there just to hurt you.
Do not let them hurt you,
Be the bigger person,
Negativity feeds off the pain that you have,.
Do not be hurt by your negative thoughts,
Do not show them that you are hurting,
Laugh when they try to hurt you,
Show them that you are not afraid.
Never succumb to their negativity,
They are not part of you.

Your negative feelings are not the true you.