Monday, January 30, 2017

Live as if you were in your living room

Live life as if you were in your living room,
Live life as if the whole world is your living room,
Treat everyone as if they were your family,
Treat everyone as if they were your closest friends.

If you see someone who seems interesting, go up to them, and say hello,
Go in for the hug, the kiss or whatever else,
As if you knew them for a very long time.

Be free, appreciate every aspect of your living room,
Greet people on the bus,
Go up to people on the street and give them a high five,
Smile at people for no reason,
That Smile may brighten their day.

There are no strangers in this world, only future friends and family.
Be comfortable everywhere, everyone is your friend.

Even if that little voice in your head says "No, it's weird” ven if that little voice in your head says “Don't do it, you will fail"
Do it anyways.
Show the voice that they are wrong,
Show the voices that you are truly free,
Show the voices that nothing can hold you back.

Even if you  fail,
Bask in knowing that you tried,
To try and fail is a better feeling than never having tried at all.

Be friendly to everyone, even if they reject you at first, Continue being friendly, they are just not used to it,
Even if they are never friendly back,
At least you tried.

Appreciate every aspect of your living room and all of your guests that are in it,
There is nothing to be afraid of,
Show your guests that there is nothing to fear,
Fear is scared,
Fear is your lover,
Show fear that you do not fear,
Show fear that there is much to love about your living room,
Teach your guests that it’s their living room too.

Love everything and everyone.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Why do people get jealous?
If people want what they can't have,
And another has everything,
Will that person ever get jealous?

Jealousy is a disease,
Anger, hate, lust, envy, jealousy, external pride,
Most of us may have felt the above feelings,
As we grow older, we learn to manage them,
But these feelings always seem to linger.

Jealousy is wanting something that someone else has,

We feel that if we had it, it would make us feel content.

It may make us feel content for a short while,
But we will always want something else once it has been obtained.

I see jealousy as possession,
It may be jealousy for an object,
It may be jealousy for a person,
One should not be jealous of another,
Jealousy is to want to own that person as if they were their property.

A person is property to no one but themselves,
A person should be free to do what they want,
It is their decision, their body, their life,
They should be able to do what they want,
Without someone else wanting to take control of their actions.

If one is in love with another,
They should let them choose to be in love with them,
Not force them to be in love,
Set everyone free, those who love you will return.

Some can be jealous of a situation,
Some can be jealous of a job,
Some can be jealous of friends,
Some can be jealous of a loving family,

Jealousy takes energy,
Jealousy causes destruction to your mind,
Jealous will not help you in the end,
One may but better use of their energy,
In achieving goals,
To build relationships with people,
To have friends and close family in the future,
To put that extra effort into whatever you want in life.

If you have no family, do not fret,
Sometimes the only difference between the closest people to you and family is blood,
The only difference is society's tag behind it.

In the stone age, tribes would have children and never know who the father was,
All the elders in the tribe were considered as parents,
All the other children were brothers and sisters,
It was a familial community,
And even though most of society has strayed off that path,
You can consider anyone you wish to be your family.

Jealousy is not healthy for the mind,
Like fear and worrying, it wastes energy and does nothing to get you what you want.

It's a cycle of thought,
Something that repeats over and over in your mind until it takes control of you.

Jealousy can make you do destructive things, and it can
hurt others around you,
Jealousy has created violence and death,
Jealousy has even created wars throughout history.

It's important to let negative feelings go,
It is better to use your energy elsewhere,
To love yourself, to love what you have, and, if you wish, Strive for what you want.

Jealousy is a childish emotion,
Be happy for others,
Be happy that people are content with what they have,
Channel your joy vicariously through them.

Be happy with what you have,

Others may be equally jealous of things you have that they do not.

Be happy that you still have the capability to strive for these goals,
Don't think about what others have,
Focus on what you have.

If you stop thinking about what the people around you have, which you do not,
You will start noticing that you have much more than you ever thought you had in the first place.

If you stop thinking about what the people around you have, which you do not,
You will start noticing that you have much more than you ever thought you had in the first place.

Monday, January 9, 2017

It's not about what you do...

It's about how you deal with it.

You may make any mistake imaginable,
But in the end it is how you deal with the mistake,
Your reaction to that mistake,

Your way of dealing with life.