Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The simplest things are often the deepest

Breath in simplicity.

Life is simple,
Live the present moment,
Do what you want,
Relax, do not stress.

Stressing does not help the solve the problem,
Be kind to people around you,
Do not hurt others physically,
Try not to hurt others mentally.

Life is like a submarine,
You already have all the answers in front of you.
As your submarine goes deeper,
You search for a deeper meaning to life,
Deeper questions and more complexe answers.

One  day you may realise,

The answers you seek, you already had from the very beginning.

Your submarine may one day find the shallow waters of the other side,

Do not take my word for it,
Seek out your own questions,
Find out your own answers.

You may one day find yourself where you started,
You will have attained your deeper knowledge,
But you may find the simplest answers answer the most complex questions the universe has to offer.

Every journey is different.

I wish you good travels.

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