Sunday, February 28, 2016

Everything is True

What you believe in is your truth.
What others believe in is their truth.

Everyone's truth is unique.
If one person believes something to be true,
It becomes a truth to them.

We cannot imagine the unseen.
We can only combine parts of different points of views.

If it has been viewed, all parts must be true.

A jumbled puzzle,
Completed differently by everyone.

Believe in Everything.

All beliefs are unique,
What you believe in is your truth,
What others believe in is their truth,
If you believe in something, it becomes true to you,
when others believe in something, it becomes true to them.

Believing in everything respects all beliefs of everyone,
Believing in everything respects all beliefs from the past, present and future,
Believing in everything lets you be flexible with your beliefs,
Believing in everything lets you experience all believe systems,
Believing in everything lets you find the version of the truth that suits you best.

Everything must be true.

Why would a person believe in something that is not true to them?
How could they have created their belief if it was not true to them?

One scene seen by many will may have widely differing stories.
Imagine that scene is life,
Imagine all the stories people have perceived in what they believe to be true.

We are all living a slice of the infinite pie of truth.

Believe in everything,
To become anything.

Everything is True. Everything anyone has ever Thought. - Philip K. Dick

Forgetting the past, is to Lose yourself in Yourself

We all change throughout our lives.

We learn from our present,
We change with our environment.

Never forget who you once were,
As to forget is to lose yourself.
Remember your past self,

And the knowledge you gained for that change.

Do not forget who you were,
Do not forget where you came from,
Your past is what created you,
Your past is your rock,
The rock you build your future on.

Never forget what made you,
Never forget what brought you here in the first place,
Do not lose yourself in the growth.

You may change from experience,
You may change during your life,
But when you are in your most private moments,
Remember who you were,
Remember who you are on the inside,
Do not lose yourself by forgetting.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Everything is a Team Effort

To be surrounded by people,
Is to be surrounded by support.

We are all affecting each other,
One thing could not be done without the other,
Be a positive person to yourself in a group,
Your positivity may create positivity in those around you,
Spreading to everyone in the group.

If it wasn't for you, things could be different.
If it wasn’t for someone else, things could be different
We are all a web of cause and effect.

Everyone is important.

Like gears in a clock,
If one cog goes missing, the clock stops working.

Stay Positive

Be Positive.
Be Positive.

View the good things in life.
The Simple Things.
Enjoy Everything.

Stay positive,
It serves no purpose to be negative.

Being positive may improve your life,
Being positive can give hope,
Being positive gives you a reason live.

When everything is at its worst,

Stay positive in the present,
Stay positive because it can get better in the future,
Stay positive because it can get worse in the future,
Stay positive in the present moment,

Because everything can change in an instant.

And when it does,
You will of had the experience of being positive,
And use that experience to stay positive in the future.

Don't mind the Hate...

Don't mind the Hate...
The Haters hate themselves.

It’s only a reflection of themselves projected on to you.

Do not mind the hate that is around you,
People might be jealous of you,
People may have their own problems,
People may not want to see you succeed,
People sometimes have nothing better to do than hate.

Hate is a two way street,
There is the delivery of the hate,

There is the acceptance of the hate,

You may not be in control of the delivery,
But you are in control of the acceptance.

Do not accept the hate.

You are in control of the hate that is around you,
You are in control of what you do with that hate,
You can ignore it,
You can use it to motivate yourself in your projects,
You can ask yourself why they are hating on that specific subject.

Do not return hate,
It does nothing but create more hate,
Do not bring yourself down to the level of hate,
Remain silent during the hate,
Return the hate with a compliment,
Return the hate with a positive action.

Do not let anyone take control of your universe,
You are the true master of your universe,
You are the shaper and creator of your universe,
You are the keeper of your own door,
You are able to let whatever you want in,
You are able to let whatever you want out.

You are the master of your universe.


Let us now discuss the mental attitude,
The mental must always stay calm,
You must let nothing move you,
Be it good or bad

For when the mental cannot be moved,
There is no longer good or bad,

There just is.

When there just is,
You have the power to form and shape.

Witness the Wrath of Math

-Jeru The Damaja

Hateful Talk

If someone talks badly about other people to you,
They probably talk badly about you,
To other people when you are not around.

The way someone talks can reveal their true nature,
Negative talk about others show you who they really are,
It shows their true character.

Negative talk about others does not help anyone,

It injects negativism about the person in question to others who are listening,

People who talk negatively about others,
Usually are negative about themselves,
They usually have their own problems.

Unless it is constructive criticism,
Unconstructive criticism does nothing to help others,
It’s temporary wallowing in self hatred.

Even laughter created from negative communication,
is not a laugh full of joy,
It’s not a laugh full of happiness,
It’s a cry for help,
It’s a laugh to feel better about yourself,
It’s a laugh to feel better about themselves.

Never take anyone's word for it

You can listen and learn,
But you will never learn as much as if you lived it yourself.

Never take anyone's advice for certainty,
The best way to learn is to do things yourself.

You will get more experience from doing the event.

Everyone experiences events differently,
What one can experience from one event,
Can be experienced differently from another.
Success or failure of an event can bring very different experiences.

You may even repeat the experience and get a different result.

Nevertheless, talking about the experience can help you prepare for the experience.

But talking about the experience will never replace doing the experience yourself.

Question Everything

The more you question,
The more answers you'll find.
The more answers you find,
The more questions you’ll have.

One can never have too much knowledge.

Question everything around you,
The more you question, the more answers you obtain,
The more answers you obtain,
The more questions will come to you.

Life is a never ending cycle of finding answers and questions,

You may have already found the answers to questions you may have not thought of yet..

Never be 100% sure,
always leave yourself a window for doubt.

This permits you to be flexible in an ever changing world,
You never know, maybe one day gravity will go up.

There is no such thing as over thinking,
Think about things as much as you like,
As long as you are not looping around a subject over and over again,
If you are looping, try to ask your question in a different way,
There is no limit on how much you can think.

The more knowledge you have,
The more power you have.

Try different experiences to get more answers,
No experience is ever exactly the same.


Remember the W^5+H


It's All in Your Head

It's how you view life.
Your brains filters life in any way you want to see it,
You have the control.

Everything you see,
Everything you hear,
Everything you touch,
It’s all in your head,
It's all just perception,
On how your brain filters life.

From the positive to the negative,
To the taste of an apple,
To the colours you see with your eyes,
To the thoughts created in your mind.

The brain perceives everything differently,
For some, one event is good,
For others the same event is bad.

Some see white

Others see black.

Sometimes you fall in love,
And sometimes you fall for the idea of love,
Sometimes your idea of love changes of over time,
Sometimes you find the same love you did the first time, later in life.

It's all perceived and pictured in your mind in a wonderful way,
You have the power to change the perception around you.

For the worse or for the better,
You control every aspect of your own life,
You choose what you want to see,
You choose what you want to think,
You choose your perception of your universe.

Your own Worst (Lover) (Hater)

You can be your own worst Lover, or your own worst hater.
Don't allow the outside world raise your hate,
In the end,
You control how much hate you let in.

Love yourself fully,
Talk to yourself,

Ask yourself why you hate.

In a world with hate,
Why add more by Hating yourself?

Don't worry,
You will survive,
We all do.

You can choose to either love yourself,
or you can choose to hate yourself.

If you choose to hate yourself, you will be at constant war with yourself,
If you choose to love yourself, you may disagree on some things, but the rest of the time you can love yourself.

Why choose to hate yourself all the time,
when you can choose to love yourself as much as possible?

You being with yourself is like being in a relationship,
There are some parts of yourself that you may like,
There are other parts of yourself you may not like,
But you are stuck with yourself,
You cannot get away from yourself,
So might as well work with yourself.

Try to teach yourself,
Have fun with yourself,
Treat yourself as your lover, as they might treat you as a lover.
Loving yourself takes work,
Loving yourself takes understanding,
Loving yourself can sometimes be hard,
But you will reap the benefits, in time.

In the end, all you have is yourself,
If you don't work on yourself starting now,
You will end up with someone you hate,
Instead of ending up with someone you love.

Even if you don't love yourself fully in the end,
That's ok, because you at least tried.

The soon you try to work with yourself,
The better you’ll be with yourself in time.

You will love yourself more having tried,
Than if you had never tried in the first place.

Don't Play the Game

Play the game of life if you want,
But in the end,
Make your own rules,
Play your own game.

Do not get sucked into,
What other people want you to do,

If you don't want to do it.

Follow your instincts,
Instinct is what made our ancestors survive in the past,
Instinct is still applicable today.

Do not do what makes you uncomfortable,
Do not do what others want you to do,
Even if everyone pressure's you, resist.

Live your own life,
Live at your own pace,
Make your own rules,
Construct your own path.

Because it's your life,
It's your experience,
You never asked to be born,
But you are here anyways,
So do what you want,
Do what pleases you,
You be you.