Friday, February 26, 2016

Focus on Improvement, Forget about the Perfected

Once it's perfected, move on.
Work on everything until it’s perfect.
If the perfect becomes unperfected, perfect it.

What is perfect for others, may not be perfect for you.
Respect others creations.

Nothing can ever really be perfect.
That's the beauty of it.

Improve yourself in anyway you want,
Reach out in any branch you wish,
You decided what you want to perfect, no one else.
Practice, get better,
Take your time,
Stop when you wish,
Try again later if you wish.

Once you have perfected something, move on.
Keep on improving yourself, become a master,
If the perfect becomes unperfected over time, perfect it again.

What is perfect for you, may not be perfect for others,
Focus on what you think is perfect.

Respect their opinions, learn from them if you wish,
Respect their opinion on what they think is perfect,

Add your opinion if they wish to hear it.

You decide when something is perfect in your eyes, no one else.

Sometimes we want to perfect things, but we are not motivated.

If you want to improve yourself in something,
Do not focus on motivation, focus on structure,
Force yourself to take a certain period of time, and do that activity.

No matter what, force yourself to do it,
Be it a short time, or a long time,
Structure yourself to continually repeat your activity.
Every day if you can.

As you structure yourself, motivated or unmotivated, it will become easier and easier.
Imagine a task that you once hated, but now it has become automatic,
Your improvement of said activity will also become automatic,
No matter what mood you are in.
You will soon master all of what you wish to improve upon, Without need to force yourself.

The hardest step is the first one,
To get up and do said activity,
If you really want to improve, the rest will follow.

Take that first step.

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