Friday, February 26, 2016

Life isn't Fair

Learn this as soon as possible.

The quicker you learn it,
The quicker you accept it.

Once accepted, unfairness will never hurt your Happiness.

Unfairness, it is to be expected.

Life is not fair,
We are all born under different conditions,
We are all handed different situations in life,
Other people's lives may always seem better than yours.

The quicker you realise that life is not fair,
The better you will focus on what you were given,
To make the best out of the situation.

It is up to you to create the best possible life around you, no matter what happens.

You may even find that the situation you were put in was a blessing in disguise,
Rather than a curse.

Even if everything seems wrong, you can always do things to make them better,
No matter how tough it may be,

Sometimes it may be something physical,

Such as modifying your environment,
Other times it may be mental, changing your perception on life.

One may see other's lives as better than yours,
But more often than not, those same people may see your live as better than theirs.

Your problems may not be problems to the rest,
As their problems may not seem like problems to you.

If you were to change lives, you may be happy for a while,
Until you realise that their problems may be just as hard for you as they were for them.

Make the most of the life you have been given,
Learn from other's lives, but do not waste your thoughts on the life you may have led.

One can forever live in a dream of potential possible paths,
Had they taken one decision over the other,
It serves no purpose but to maybe build a story, a fantasy.

As of this passage, there is much media that may portray other's lives as great, as if the person was always happy.

We always see people smiling in photographs,
People always capture the happy moments.

Had you viewed a person's life through media,
you would have thought they were always happy.

Know that most people never show themselves in unhappy states,
No matter what life you may live, all of them have their own problems.
Most of us are all trying to find and grab what makes us happy.

Do not yearn for what makes others happy,
Focus on what makes you happy.
Work on your happiness when you can,
Do your best, and the best will come to you.

Know that life is not fair, and that is ok,
Sometimes you will not get what you think you deserve.
Other times you will receive what you never wanted,
Count your blessings, and do what you have to do for the best.

The concept of a fair life is a distraction,
Be happy with what you have and what you receive,
Work with what you have to get what you want.

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