Friday, February 26, 2016

Be Happy with what you Have, not with what you want

If you can't get what you want, your happiness decreases.

Be happy with what you have, but always strive for more.
That way, pass or fail, your happiness will not be affected.

Count your blessings,
Even if you deem to not have much,
It can always be worse.

Be happy that you wake up in the morning,
With the oxygen you breath,
With the food you may eat,
With the clothes on your back,
The family and friends you may have,
Most importantly, be happy with yourself.

Sometimes it may seem hard to be happy,
Life is a rollercoaster, it has its ups and downs,
If your life is up at the moment,
Count your blessings,
Appreciate every single second of it.

If you are on a down note,
Know that tomorrow, it may go up again,
If it doesn't, the next day, or the day after that,

Give yourself small goals everyday,

If you achieve your goal, bask in your success,

If you fail, you have learned,
You can apply that knowledge to succeed another day,
It's impossible to fail,
You either win, or you learn,
You gain more knowledge from your failures than your successes.

Being happy with what you have also gives you a safety net to rely on,
Even if you fail at your goal, you know that you can fall back on what you have,
But you also gain new knowledge,
and that fact that you actually tried.

Trying is its own reward,
If you don't try,
You may think of trying again another day.
If you do try,
You think of where you went wrong, and different strategies to try and win your goal the next time.

Even if the people around you try to put you down when you succeed or fail,
Know that it's their problem,
Maybe they didn't have the courage to try themselves,
Maybe they are jealous of your pursuit to happiness.

Work hard for what you want, and your goals will come,
closer and closer within reach,
Just give it time,
Take your time,
Even if you don't achieve what you want, you will find things you were not even looking for.

If you are lazy, that's ok too,
The hardest part is not the actual doing of things,
But taking that first step,
The first step is the hardest,
The rest is nothing compared to it,

All you need are those first ten seconds of pushing yourself,
Just ten seconds can change the whole outcome of your life,
Just ten seconds can make you achieve whatever you want to accomplish.

No one can make you do it,
Only you can only do it yourself,
People can help you, but you have to want the help.
Everything around you are tools,
You have to be the one to wants to grab it,
Hold on to it,
Use it.

Helping others is also its own reward,
It's great when you succeed,
It's even more wonderful when you see others succeed.
Don't be jealous, know that you too were in their position
at one point,
Imagine if no one had helped you?

Helping others is much more rewarding,
And you actually gain more knowledge and experience as a teacher,
You can gain happiness from seeing others achieve their own dreams.

Strive for more while being happy with what you have,
Help others if they wish to strive for more too.

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