Friday, February 26, 2016

Enjoy the simple things in life

Enjoy the simple things,
Enjoy the simplicity of a tree,
Enjoy the simplicity of walking on the street,
Enjoy the simplicity of eating,
Whatever you do,

Enjoy the simple things in life, no matter what they are.

The simplest things in life are the things you do everyday,
Waking up in the morning,
Enjoying every mouthful of your breakfast,
The people who surrounding you,
The sounds of the motor you step inside everyday,
The simple things that you do every day.

We may stop appreciating the mundanity of life,
Because it becomes a norm to us,
But those norms are our life.

We may stop appreciating these norms because they are a part of our everyday life,
But we should appreciate every sound, smell, feeling that we have everyday.
These are part of our lives,, and many times we miss them when they are gone,
Appreciate them before they are gone,

The simple things in life are what makes us who we are today.

Simplicity comes in many forms, and many we do not even realise are important.
Even something simple as breathing can be lost to us,
Because we do it 24 hours a day.

Focus on your breathing, every breath that gives you life,
Every heartbeat that pumps blood, replenishing your body with oxygen,
Giving you that force to live every moment of your life,
The moments that lets you appreciate everything around you,
Makes you appreciate every thought you may have.

Many people who have felt that they have lived their life to the fullest,
Who have gone deep to find out the meaning of their own lives,
Come out with the same conclusion.

The most important things in life are the simplest,
the connections you have with others,
the daily routines that you do,
All of these are the building blocks to everything else.
They simply give you the ability to reach out to the complex.
Life gives you the ability to find your own answers,
Like the foundation of a tower, none of it would be possible without the simplicities.

Everyone travels their own path to find their happiness,
Their truth,
Their reason to live,
Their own meaning of everything and anything,
None of it would be possible without the daily activities that you do right now.

Breath in as you read these words,
Breath out as you read this sentence,
Take another breath and look around you,
Without this, there would be nothing else.

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