Friday, February 26, 2016

Teach your fear


Fear can take over your mind,
Make you not think clearly,
Fear holds us back,
Make your mind decay.

Where does it come from,
I do not know,
But it is not a part of us.

Maybe society presents us with a certain set of norms,
Maybe society conditions us to fear the unknown,
We must step out of those boundaries,
We must teach fear that there is nothing to fear.
Maybe fear itself  fears the unknown,
Teach fear that everything is fine,
Teach fear there is nothing to fear,
Talk to your fear,
Calm your fear.

There are many types of fear,
Fear of hurting others,
Fear of rejection,
Fear of  risks.
When we live in fear,

We lose sight of who we are truly capable of being.

Fear holds us back in many ways,

Had we taught our fears not to fear since the beginning,
We would be in a totally different place in our lives.
We would have experienced an infinite amount of new experiences,
As opening one door always leads to a multitude of new doors,
It keeps expanding with every step.

Teach your fear of the things you want to do,
And why you want to do them,
Reason with it,
Treat it as a lover who is looking out for you.
Tell your fear that if you fail, you are right back where you started,
Having acquired new knowledge,
Use that knowledge to convince your fear even further of the things you want to achieve.

A good way to teach fear is by imagining yourself doing what you fear most,
As you imagine things, over and over again,
You teach your fear to be in that setting,
And things will seem less fearful in the real setting..

A better way to teach fear is to take baby steps.

When I was younger, I feared the gym. I thought everyone would laugh at my body.

First day, I payed for the gym and left.

The second day, I went to the gym and just looked at people working out.

The third day, I put on my shorts, and ran on the treadmill in the far corner of the room.

The fourth day, I ran next to some.
The fifth day, I picked up a small free weight, and starting pumping my arms.

The sixth day, I started using the weight machines, even though I didn't really know how to use them.

On the seventh day, I rested.

Once I started hitting the weights, my heart pumping the
blood away from my brain and into my body, I was free.

I started not caring what the others would think of me,
I started enjoying the feeling of pushing those weights.

I didn't think anymore about being much weaker than the others, and the others never cared in the first place.

Taking baby steps is fine,
Jumping in the in the pool is even better.

You might fail at whatever you want to do the first few times,
But the knowledge you gather will be astounding.

Never be afraid to try,
And try again,
Until you accomplish your mission.

You can also teach fear through meditation techniques,
Calming the mind,
Mindfulness as they call it,
Using what you learn in everyday life.

Don't battle your fear, it will only want to fight back harder, and you may even lose.
Talk to your fear, show images to your fear,
It might respond back with negative images and tell you all the things that could go wrong.

Weigh the risks, it's your life, it's not fears life.

Fear holds us back from our true potential.

Fear can turn into an ally,
Fear can become a positivity,
In anything that you do, it can give you encouragement,
It can give you strength,
It can give you ideas.

Once a fear is befriended, you may have one of the most powerful allies at your disposal.

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  1. Wonderful😊 You were born to teach these things and spread positivity!