Friday, February 26, 2016

Don't judge anyone for anything

Everyone has their own perception of things.
There is no Universal Good
There is no Universal Bad,
There are just different beliefs and ideals.

If you ever feel like judging,
Put yourself in their place,
In their environment,
In their brain.

Would you have done the same?
Could you have done worse?

Had you lived their lives, would you have come to the same conclusion as they did?

We all live different lives, and more importantly, we all perceive life differently.
One event seen by many can be retold in different versions,
Twins can grow up to be different people, but yet have lived in the same environment.

One person's view on life is unique and is never the same as that of any other people,
People have different beliefs and ideals on how they view the world, based on their perception at the time,

Perception can change overtime, depending on the interactions they have had with others.

One may judge others for their actions, but why judge in them in the first place?

Had the judger lived in the convicted shoes,
Had they lived their lives and perceived everything that they had done,
How do they know that they would not have drawn the same conclusions and acted in that very same way?

What makes the judger think that their actions would have been better?
If the roles were reversed for the exact situation that was judged,
Maybe the one who becomes the judge would have judged that they would have made a better decision.
Maybe the judge would have made an even worse decision than the one whom he judged.

What if someone tells a story of a person who did a certain action,
And you judged that person in the story for being a certain way?

What if the storyteller continues, saying that the person in the story was you, but you just didn't remember?
Would you judge yourself the same way?

It is easy to point fingers,
It is easy to blame others,
In reality, these things are pointless,

If one is not judged for a certain thing, they will be judged for something else entirely.

Do not judge in the first place,
Know that you may have done the same thing had you been in that situation,
Know that you may have done the same thing had you lived their lives,
Know that you may have done the same thing had you viewed the world in their way.

Think about the reason why you judge in the first place,
Do you judge because you may not like the person?
Do you judge because you do or have done the exact same thing in the past?
Do you judge others because in reality you are judging yourself?
Because others have judged you or the activity in the past?

Do not care of the judgement of others,
They probably do the exact same thing they are judging,
Or would like to do it but are afraid to be judged themselves.
Live your own life, and do not judge the judgers as doing so makes you a judger yourself,
Had you lived their lives, you may have judged yourself too.

Free your mind from judgement,
Give your opinion,
But do not judge one from the action taken based on that opinion.

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