Friday, February 26, 2016

If you are Sad, Smile

f you are nervous, put your body in a relaxed state,
Put your feet up to relax,
Stand straight to be serious,
Smile the biggest smile you can,
Laugh at the situation,
Every situation can be seen from a different perspective,
Laugh at the funny side of life.

When your body is in the mood you want, your mind will follow soon.


Smile everywhere you go,
Smile with everything you do,
Smiling is easy to do, and costs nothing.

It is beneficial for many reasons,
The very act of your body smiling will fuse your body with your mind,
Putting your body in a certain state will bring your mind into that state,
If you smile, your mind will pick up on "Happy",
And your mind will start to feel happy too.

Smiling also releases dopamine and endorphin chemicals in your brain,

Which causes us to enjoy pleasure, as well as help you relax,

If you feel unhappy, start with a fake smile and keep it,
As the chemicals enter your brain,
You will start to actually feel happy,
And it may very well become a real smile.

Smiling can brighten other people's day,
The smile might make others smile,
Which will release dopamine in their brain making them smile,
In which their smile can make others smile,
Which may make even more people smile,
Smiling can be contagious.

A smile can brighten someone's day, or even their week,
Smile's are easy to do and beneficial to yourself and others around you,
As it can make others smile themselves.

What's stopping you from smiling today!? :D

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