Friday, February 26, 2016

Everthing is Art

Everything is art,
Everything around you is art.
A painting can be art,
Just like a tree can be art.

A smile,
Eye contact,
A high five.

The act of living is an art form,
Let every move you make be an art form,
Let everything you see inspire you,
Question every object.
It's shape, size, color, form.

What does it remind you of?
Why did it catch your eye?
How is it unique?
How did it get to be there?
How does the object work?

How can it be improved?

People can be art too.
Why are they wearing those clothes?
Where are they going?
What are they thinking?
Why are they the way they are?

Their life, and your life, is an art form.
If you were a painting, what would make  you so great?

What things in your life would make people want to hang your life painting on their wall?

Be an artist in everything you do,
Be it in work, your leisure time, social activities,
Create your own art in in everything that you do.

Add your own signature to all of your activities,
Do something different from the rest,
Sign every action with your own personal twist,
Sign your name in a unique way,
Create a catchphrase when you speak,
Create a dance move,
Make your own walk,
Laugh your own laugh,
Do your own hand shake,
Sign yourself.

People may start imitating you,
You know that your signature has entered their mind,
Know that they have hung a painting of you in their minds,
Just as you may have hung a painting of them in your mind.

Live and breath your own art.

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