Thursday, February 25, 2016

Love Everyone Unconditionally

Love purely,
Do not mix love with jealousy,
Do not mix love with anger,
Do not mix love with power,
Do not mix love with pride,
These emotions are not love,
These are only things that will hurt you and your loved one.

Love everything your loved one does,
Support every decision they make,
Even if the loved one leaves,
They can still be loved.

Why love everyone?

Why not?

Be kind to everyone, do your most to help them as much as you can.
If they attack you, they care enough to hurt you,
If they attack, respond with a compliment, or stay silent.
Never attack back.
By doing this, they will stop attacking.

Everyone defines love differently,
Everyone will approach love in a different way,

For me,

Unconditional love is to support a person with whatever it
Is that they want,
This support comes without expecting anything in return,
Having no jealousy towards the other person,
Not wanting them to be harmed or fail at any time.
Unconditional love is to love them as they are,


Every decision they make, you support them,
Even if you do not agree,
You may advise them,
But ultimately it is their decision,
Even if they leave,
Unconditional love does not stop you from loving them,

You can love everyone,
Even if they hate you, don't take it personally,
Had you lived their lives, maybe you would act the same,

Unconditional love means leaving your door open for people,
No matter what they do or say.

It's pointless to hold grudges,
It only creates a wall between you and the one you love,
If they try to hurt you, they care enough to want to hurt you.

You are the one who decides if you want to be hurt by them or not,
It's a two way street,
If they attack you verbally, let them,
People who hurt others are hurting themselves on the inside.

You may not know it, but you may start a tidal wave of love, That affects others,
They too will start the process again,

You are more powerful than you could ever imagine,
By simple acts of kindness,
By simple acts of love,
You may even change the world.

Remember that we are all important,
Like gears in a clock, you need them all to make the clock work,
One missing gear, and the clock stops working.

Be the gear that turns the rest,
It may be hard,
But trust me,
It gets easier.

The rewards you will gain from loving unconditionally are abundant.

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