Friday, February 26, 2016

Love Yourself.

Love yourself first,
Then Love others.

One who cannot love themselves, cannot love others.

Hatred towards yourself is projected to others.

This Hate will taint Love.

Love yourself.

Love everything about yourself,
Love your body,
Love your mind,
Love your soul,
Love the decisions that you make,
Love your mentality,
Love your physic,
Love how it is to be you.

We are a machine that is constantly learning,
this is the reason you are who you are,
This is the reason you are the way you are,

Having one small thing changed about you could have changed all of your experiences.

Whether good or bad, everything has made you who you are today.

Everything you worked for,
Everything you did and did not do,
Every decision you took,
Either carefully or irrationally,
it’s an important puzzle piece, that is you,you may not have discovered all of the pieces,
But you took what you had and made the best possible decision at that time.

You should love yourself, as you are the one who has created yourself,
Love the machine that was given to you,
Love the experiences that you added to your machine,
Do with your machine as you will,
As it is yours to do as you please.

Love your mind because of how it views the world,
How you shaped your thoughts and feelings based on the experiences you have had.
Love your soul who is soaking up every single second of life,
Who's mysteries will eventually be unlocked for you as you live your life the way you desire.

Love yourself, because people love others who love themselves,
Love yourself, because in those times when you are alone, You will always have yourself to keep you company,
Love yourself because hating yourself inflicts hate on the ones that you love,
Love yourself to give yourself the opportunity to be able to

Love others more,
Love yourself because you are the best person you can be,
Love yourself for ever person that ever hated you.

Love yourself because, why not?

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