Friday, February 26, 2016

Your own Worst (Lover) (Hater)

You can be your own worst Lover, or your own worst hater.
Don't allow the outside world raise your hate,
In the end,
You control how much hate you let in.

Love yourself fully,
Talk to yourself,

Ask yourself why you hate.

In a world with hate,
Why add more by Hating yourself?

Don't worry,
You will survive,
We all do.

You can choose to either love yourself,
or you can choose to hate yourself.

If you choose to hate yourself, you will be at constant war with yourself,
If you choose to love yourself, you may disagree on some things, but the rest of the time you can love yourself.

Why choose to hate yourself all the time,
when you can choose to love yourself as much as possible?

You being with yourself is like being in a relationship,
There are some parts of yourself that you may like,
There are other parts of yourself you may not like,
But you are stuck with yourself,
You cannot get away from yourself,
So might as well work with yourself.

Try to teach yourself,
Have fun with yourself,
Treat yourself as your lover, as they might treat you as a lover.
Loving yourself takes work,
Loving yourself takes understanding,
Loving yourself can sometimes be hard,
But you will reap the benefits, in time.

In the end, all you have is yourself,
If you don't work on yourself starting now,
You will end up with someone you hate,
Instead of ending up with someone you love.

Even if you don't love yourself fully in the end,
That's ok, because you at least tried.

The soon you try to work with yourself,
The better you’ll be with yourself in time.

You will love yourself more having tried,
Than if you had never tried in the first place.

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