Friday, February 26, 2016

People who Hate, Care

People who care can either love or hate.
One can turn Love to Hate in an instant.
One can turn Hate to Love in an instant.
It's all perception.

Change your point of view,
Look at all possible views,
Look at Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Communicate with them,
Communication is key.

Tell them how they hurt you.
If they continue to hurt you, leave.
If they contact you after you left, respond.
Respond for an infinite number of times,
Maybe the next time the hate will be gone.

People who hate usually do so because they care enough to hate. If they didn't care, they would not hate.

Ask yourself these questions about the people who you hate:

Who do you Hate?
What is it that you hate? What side of the person? Which mask do they wear that you hate the most?

What do you Hate?

What do you Hate about them? Which actions?

Where do you Hate?
What is the environment like when you Hate? Relaxed, Competitive?

When do you Hate?
At what times do you Hate? Which emotion?

Why do you Hate?
What is the reason behind the Hate?
Did they have a good reason to act in such a way?

How do you Hate?
How do they Hate? Physically? Mentally?

Could you change your viewpoint about someone?

How would you feel if you gave them a compliment or a gift?

What happens when you keep all of that hate inside of you?

Do you think about that person a lot?

Do you sometimes wish that you could stop hating them?

Do you use up more energy to love someone or to hate someone?

Do you get any sort of satisfaction when you hate someone?

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