Friday, February 26, 2016

Never Regret

Do not regret your past,
Learn from it.

To regrette is only pain,
To undo the past is impossible.

It is impossible to fail,
Only to win, or learn.

Never regret any of your decisions,

Regretting will not change a thing of your current


Had you not taken that decision, maybe something worse could have come of it,
Then you would have regretted not taking that decision,
Maybe the decision you took will have been the better decision in the long run,
You never know.

To make an error causes pain,
To regrette just makes you repeat the memory over and over, causing even more pain,
It causes us to suffer multiple times,
When we should have only suffered once.

You cannot undo your past,
You can only work to make it better,
You can learn from your past,
To not repeat what you do not want to repeat.

One positive is that you gain much more information from the things you regret,
You gain much more from when you fall, than from when you run.

There is no point in regretting,
As there are no wrong answers,
And there are no wrong actions,
Everything is subjective, based on the individual,
What is wrong for you may be completely normal for another.

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