Friday, February 26, 2016

You will never be an Apple, so be the best Orange you can be

Everyone is different.
Do not imitate others to please.
If you like it, do it.
If you don't, don't.
Be the best you that you can be.
Because that is the best version of yourself.

You may try to be like your idols,
You may imitate them,
You may copy all of their words,
You may copy their behaviours,
You may copy their clothing,
But you will never be them,
You will never shine like them,
Because you are not them,
You are you,
You shine as you.

A person is influenced their whole lives by millions of people,
All of these influences make up a big part of who  you are today,
You are the one who shines in life,
You are at your best when you are yourself,
Just as others are their best when they are themselves,
You are a unique individual,

Everything that you do is the best possible thing you can do right now.

You may succeed at being someone else,
but you will never shine as bright as when you are being yourself,
You are an Orange Tree surrounded by Apple Trees,
Do not try to be a good Apple tree,
Become a shining Orange Tree.

We are all unique individuals that would shine,
But sometimes we falter because of social or societal pressures,
Stand out from those norms and grow like a wildflower,
Push yourself to be yourself even when  you are resisted,
You will stand out from the crowd and remembered.

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