Friday, February 26, 2016

Love your Haters

You have to care to hate.
Hate is usually caused by Miscommunication.

If they hate,
Be nice.

If they hate harder,
Compliment them.

Soon, they will get tired of hating,
They will see your good side.
They may become good to you,
They may find some happiness through your actions,
Your actions may make them become good to others.

Hating people who hate you will not make them like you more,
People have their own individual reasons to hate someone,
As you could have reasons to hate someone too.

If you hate someone for something they did in the past, Know that the past are just memories,
Know you are the one holding the hate against them.

If people hate you or are generally mean,
You should not respond with more hate,

as that will make the other person hate you even more,
which will most likely cause more hate towards them.

If someone tries to be hateful towards you,
You can ignore them,
You can agree with them,
You can laugh at the comment,
You can compliment them.

If you ignore them,
They will get bored with trying to hurt you,
As you are not reacting to them.

If you agree with them,
They most likely will be confused,
As they are expecting negative feedback.

If you laugh about it,
It will show you really don't care about what they have to say,
It shows that you take life less seriously than they probably do.

If you compliment them,
They will not know how to react,
As most people do not attack negativism with positive feedback.

People who are negative probably have had a negative setting in their younger years
People who are negative may not be doing so well in the present,
Because they are negative, they probably attract a negative
social circle,
A place where they are continuously under attack from people around them.

To be kind to a negative person,
May make that person become kind to you,
It may take a while, but it can happen,
They may even start being kind to others who are negative to them.

A single kind action started by you can start a wave of goodness in the world.

"By Your hand, 
Millions - Billions - of lives will be altered, 
Caught up in a chain of events,
Begun by You this day." 
- Andy Andrews, The Butterfly Effect

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