Sunday, February 28, 2016

Forgetting the past, is to Lose yourself in Yourself

We all change throughout our lives.

We learn from our present,
We change with our environment.

Never forget who you once were,
As to forget is to lose yourself.
Remember your past self,

And the knowledge you gained for that change.

Do not forget who you were,
Do not forget where you came from,
Your past is what created you,
Your past is your rock,
The rock you build your future on.

Never forget what made you,
Never forget what brought you here in the first place,
Do not lose yourself in the growth.

You may change from experience,
You may change during your life,
But when you are in your most private moments,
Remember who you were,
Remember who you are on the inside,
Do not lose yourself by forgetting.

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