Friday, February 26, 2016

Rollercoaster Of Emotions

Life is a roller coaster,
Life can be good for a time,
Lt can seem horrible at other times.

When you are feeling down, know that you will one day go back up.

When you are feeling up, take advantage of the situation.

Appreciate that you are up,
Once you know that you will go up and down, the down does not feel as bad,
When you are feeling down, know that you will go back up at one point.

So know that you will not be feeling the way you are now for very long,
You will soon go up, if it is not tomorrow, it will be the day after.

It can come in a instant.

They say not to give too much importance to the little things that can bring you down,
I think we should not give importance to anything that brings you down,
Life is a series of events, you choose to experience an up or a down from each event,
Even if you are feeling down, always know that it's nothing more than an event, it cannot hurt you unless you let it hurt you,
Life is a ride of events, you get to decide how to perceive
them, how to view and handle them.

Have you ever had an event where you perceived the situation in a certain way?
Then had the same event in the future, and faced the situation another way?
Remember it's both the event and the perception that creates the experience.


Life goes up and down all the time,
Be happy in knowing tomorrow you can make be happy,
Life is a roller coaster,
Enjoy the Ride.

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