Friday, February 26, 2016

Learn From the Past, Flow in the Present, Expect Nothing From the Future.

Learn from the past.
Learn from your mistakes.

Flow in the present.
Be in your passion.

Expect nothing from the future.
To expect is to be satisfied or to be disappointed,
To not expect is to be surprised.

Learn from the past,
Learn from your mistakes,
It's ok to repeat your mistakes,
Everyone learns are their own pace.

Sometimes we repeat our mistakes,
Life is a learning process,
Take your time.

Flow in the present,
Live in the moment,
Be passionate about everything you do and say,

You are the star of your own show.

Expect nothing from the future,
Do things for others,
Do things for yourself,
Accept things that come your way,
But don't expect anything to come,
Do it from the goodness of your heart.
Do it because you want to,
Do it for the do.

Be kind,

Be happy with what you have,
Give when you can.

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