Friday, February 26, 2016

Respect Everything

veryone's opinion.

How would you feel if people disrespected your opinions of life?

Respect people's opinion because you have not lived their life,
Respect people's opinion because you do not have their brain.

Even if you’d have lived the same event,
Even if they’re your twin,
No two eyes see the same thing,
No two ears hear the same thing,
No two brain's interpret the same way,
You can view an event one day, and see the same event differently the next day.

People's opinion's can change depending on how their day went,

People can say and do something because they had a bad day.

Have you never acted a certain way just because you were tired, or had conflict with a loved one?

We can be different people from one second to the next, just by how we perceive our surroundings,
We can be different people based on our past and the people surrounding us.

So respect people's opinions,
you don't know what's going on in their minds,
The reasons they are saying it what they are saying,
The experiences or the people around them that have influenced their statements,
Respect their opinion, even if they don't respect yours.

Respect the society because you were not there for its history,
Respect faith because you did not partake in the creation of it,
Respect the laws because you did not write them.

You can disagree,
You can try to change them,
As everything changes in time,
But do not disrespect those who believe in them.

But never disrespect.

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