Friday, February 26, 2016

Try Everything Once

Try everything once,
As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.
You own your body.
Do what you want to it.
Be the best in it,

Everything should be tried at least once,
If it exists, there must be a reason for it,
An experience to be had,
Even if it may be perceived as a good experience or a bad experience.

As long as you are not hurting anyone physically in the process,
And you weigh the risk when it comes to the outcome of said experience,
There is no reason for one not to try it.

If one does not want to try a new experience, do not force them,
People know themselves well, and it may not be their time,
Or they may never want to for their own personal reasons,
It’s their body, as it is your body, and each may do as they please with it.

Trying things once may open doors to other new things,
Change your perspective on life,

Make you see the world and the people around you differently.
It gives you more choices on how you want to deal with the challenges of life,
It gives you more choices to experience the beauty of it all.

These experiences can be anything from:
The People you meet,
Travels you take,
The help you give others,
The jobs you partake in,
The risks you may take,
The substances you may use.

All of these open your eyes to everything around you,
You may use all of these new experiences and perceptions to build a different world for yourself,
You may perceive life completely differently as when you started.

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