Friday, February 26, 2016

Be Careful with Pride

If you take pride, try to keep it inside.

Being proud can hurt you,
when someone knows about your pride and tries to use it against you.

Outward pride can hurt others too,
To those who feel that they accomplished less.

There are two kinds of pride.

The first kind of pride is internal pride.

Pride can give motivation to continue what you are doing,
To achieve new goals, and reach new heights,
Pride is an energy,
An internal reward you get when  you feel that you have worked hard to get where are.
Pride can be a great feeling.

The second is external pride,
Pride that is shown to others,
This can be great to share if people have been rooting for you to succeed.

But this pride can have its drawbacks,
If too much pride is shown, it might hurt the others around you,

Especially those who may have competed for the same goal.
The competitors might already feel negativity to their "loss”,
External pride from the "winner" will only make them feel more negative.

Keep a humble exterior,
You may still feel the energy of pride on the outside,
Some may even respect you more if you are humble,
It shows that you are more in control of your own emotions,
It is a sign of maturity.

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