Friday, February 26, 2016

Don't Be Offended (Negative thought)

Don't be Offended, it's just an opinion.
Respect others opinions.

Do not be offended or hurt by what anyone does or says,
Being offended is a two way street,
The people who offend you, and your willingness to accept that offence.

Imagine a stranger says something negative about you.

Imagine that someone close to you says something negative about you.

What is the difference between these two scenarios?

Usually, the person who is closest to you hurts you more than the stranger.

You are the one who accepts that the stranger hurts you less,
You are the one who accepts that the one who is close to you hurts you more.

One usually accepts the negativity of the person who is close to them,
One usually rejects more easily the negativity of the person who they have never seen.

The difference between both examples is you.

It's not what people say or do,
It's how you process the information.

You have the power to decide if the negativity affects you or not,
You have to power to decide what hurts you.
What hurt you in the past may not hurt you in the present or in the future.
You may have rejected the negativity,
Because you know it's not true, or you do not care anymore.
You have conquered that negativity, and rejected it with time.
Why not reject it now?

You have the power to choose what hurts you and what doesn't hurt you.

Let nothing hurt you,
Reject all negativity,
If you choose to accept it, reject the pain that comes with it.

There are some things that you may be able to change,
Other things you may not want to change because you like it, but many have deemed it negative.
Do not let the pain of others affect you if you do not want it to,

Many people attack with negativity because they are jealous,

Many people attack with negativity because they may have done it in the past,
Many people attack with negativity because they are afraid to be hurt by others,
Many people attack with negativity because they do not like themselves.

Help others if you wish, but do not be affected by the negativity they have towards themselves,
Do not accept the negativity they may throw on you,
Teach them that hurting others will not take away their pain in the long term.

The biggest enemy is yourself,
Others may influenced you to hurt yourself,
But you are perfect in every way.

Do not let others hurt you into hurting yourself.
You are in control of every single emotion in your body,
The positivity, the negativity, you are the true master of your mind and your body, no one else.

Do not fear yourself,
Do not let others make you fear the thoughts and decisions you may have,
You are the best person you can be,
Become your own master,
You are in control.
Life is full of highs and lows,
When you are mentally in a low period, know that nothing
happens in the physical sense.

Even when you feel low, you are still breathing, you are still alive, your high will come.
Every time you feel low, it is the best time to learn to control your mind and body,
It is the best time to sort out the negativity as well as the positivity that is your mind,
Each time you do, your highs will become higher,
Your lows will never be as low as they were before.
Believe in yourself,
There is no one closer to yourself than yourself.

You are your own worst enemy,
Others around you may influence you,
In the end, it is you who inflicts the pain on yourself.
Be friendly with yourself.

At some points in your life,
You may be the only person who can either lift yourself up,
Or tear yourself down.

Do not let yourself be an enemy.

Let yourself be a friend.

Let yourself be a lover.

Never forget that you control all,
You are able to reject and accept all emotions,
Negative as well as positive,
No matter where the source comes from.

But you are are the final decider of how much pain you

inflict on yourself.

You are the true master of everything and anything that you perceive around you. 


Yeah... well...
You know that's just like... ugh...
Your opinion man...
-The Dude, The Big Lebowski

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