Friday, February 26, 2016

Hateful Talk

If someone talks badly about other people to you,
They probably talk badly about you,
To other people when you are not around.

The way someone talks can reveal their true nature,
Negative talk about others show you who they really are,
It shows their true character.

Negative talk about others does not help anyone,

It injects negativism about the person in question to others who are listening,

People who talk negatively about others,
Usually are negative about themselves,
They usually have their own problems.

Unless it is constructive criticism,
Unconstructive criticism does nothing to help others,
It’s temporary wallowing in self hatred.

Even laughter created from negative communication,
is not a laugh full of joy,
It’s not a laugh full of happiness,
It’s a cry for help,
It’s a laugh to feel better about yourself,
It’s a laugh to feel better about themselves.

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