Friday, February 26, 2016


The Flow,
When you are concentrated on something,
You don't think,
You do.

The Flow,
Is when you are in your passion zone,
Video Games,

When doing any action in life,
Think back to what makes you Flow,
Experience that Flow,
And apply it to what you you are currently doing.

Apply the Flow to all parts of your life.

If you Flow when you love,
Apply it to the simple things first,
Apply it to the food you eat,
Apply it to the walks you take,

Apply is to the people you meet,

Apply it to the lovers you love.

Flowing is when the mind and the body connect,
It is flawless energy.

Flowing is being in the moment,
It is living without thinking,
Everything comes easy and natural when you flow.

People usually flow when they are passionate about something,
When they are writing, the words come out of their pen.
Flowing does not seem to take away energy,
Flowing recharges your energy.

If one can take that energy used during flow,
And apply it to everyday life and activity,
One would never have to doubt again,
Everything and anything would come naturally,
You would be the best possible version of yourself at all possible times.

Try to enter your mode of passion in anything you do,
Let all of your thoughts and actions flow out naturally,
With no fail, it all comes out at a moment's notice.

You can do no mistakes when you flow,
It’s dancing energy,
It lives and breaths through you,
If you can do it for certain activities, you can harness it's powers for all activities and everyday life,
It’s a mindset that brings out the purest form of us.

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