Friday, February 26, 2016

Question Everything

The more you question,
The more answers you'll find.
The more answers you find,
The more questions you’ll have.

One can never have too much knowledge.

Question everything around you,
The more you question, the more answers you obtain,
The more answers you obtain,
The more questions will come to you.

Life is a never ending cycle of finding answers and questions,

You may have already found the answers to questions you may have not thought of yet..

Never be 100% sure,
always leave yourself a window for doubt.

This permits you to be flexible in an ever changing world,
You never know, maybe one day gravity will go up.

There is no such thing as over thinking,
Think about things as much as you like,
As long as you are not looping around a subject over and over again,
If you are looping, try to ask your question in a different way,
There is no limit on how much you can think.

The more knowledge you have,
The more power you have.

Try different experiences to get more answers,
No experience is ever exactly the same.


Remember the W^5+H


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