Friday, February 26, 2016

Build your own Philosophy

Follow what you feel is right.

Listen to everyone,
Take what you love,

Reject what you don't.

Build your own philosophy in life,
Pick and choose what you like,
If you like it, add it to your lifestyle,
If you don’t, ignore it.

Listen to what people have to say,
Even if you don't agree with what they are saying.

There might always be one bit of information that might be great to you.

You never know, keep your ears open.

Maybe one line can change your life.

Always challenge your beliefs,
Play devil's advocate with yourself,
Argue with yourself why your core philosophy is wrong,
Think up new reasons why you think you are correct,
Challenge your beliefs in an ever changing world,
Challenging your beliefs means your life philosophy will always be current in the events that unfold around you.

Don't judge others who may not agree with your life philosophy,
Their philosophy is right for them,
Their philosophy may beneficial in the environment they are in,
Respect other people’s built philosophies.

Always keep your mind open to everything and anything.
Never be afraid to reject everything that you once believed.

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