Friday, February 26, 2016

View the Funny Side of Life

View life from all different perspectives,
Laughter is the best medicine.
Laugh, and be happy.

It is the best way to cope, with the horrors of life.

All of life is perspective,
One event can be seen in many different views.

No matter what view you see,

You have to power to choose what you view it as.
Be it happiness, sadness, the beauty or the horror of it all.

One view that can always be applied is the funny side of life.
Be it any event, one can always laugh,
In the happy moments one can laugh,
In the sad moments, one can laugh.
In the darkest of moments, one can always find a glimmer of humour
In any situation, viewed from a certain point,
Laughter can ease the pain,
Laughter can make the sadness go away,
Laughter can make the anxiety disappear,
Laugher can make the voices go silent.

Sometimes you can find your laughter in the small things in life,
Sometimes you can find laughter when you view the bigger picture,
Sometimes the ridiculousness of it all can make you go mad.
But it’s funny.

So in the worst of times,
Dip your toe into the pool of insanity,
Have a few good chuckles,
Because it gives you hope,
Because it eases the pain,
Because it revives the soul.
because it’s the best thing you can do.

Laugh because it might just save your life.

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