Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We Are whoever the other person thinks we Are

Sometimes we will never be able to change the opinion of others,
So stay who you want to be,
Be who makes you happy.

You are whomever people think you are,
You are mean if other people think you are mean,
You are kind if other people think you are kind.

Some might want to change you by saying negative things about you,

Some may never like you no matter how much you change.

Everyone will see you in a different way,
We are thousands of different people in the eyes of the world,
Do not worry how people view you,
That is just their perception.

Do not be affected by how others view you,
Do not change your opinion of someone just because they view you negatively,
it's just how they view you,
Viewing them negatively will not make them change their mind.
It might even make them think worse of you.

If others make a negative comment about how they view you,
respond with a positive comment,
it  might change how the others view you.

How you view one person may not be how they are viewed by someone else.

Do not fall into the trap of taking people's viewpoints of over people.
Make your own opinion about those around you,
Try not to fall into group mentality.

Change for someone if you wish,
But know that changing might change people's perception of you,
Changing might change how they treat you.
Changing might want to make people change you even more,
Until you are unrecognisable from who you once were.

Once you become that new person,
The other's who tried to change you might lose all interest in you.

Find people who accept you for who you are.
Accept people for who they are.

Some will accept you,
Other's will accept you and complain,
Others will accept you if you change,
Others will never accept you.

Do what you feel is right,
But always stay true to yourself,
Never change yourself into something you do not like just to please another.

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