Thursday, July 7, 2016

Internal happiness is eternal.

xternal happiness is temporary,
internal happiness is eternal.

Happiness found from outside sources won’t last forever.
Happiness found within yourself will last forever.

Happiness can be found from many different sources,
Sometimes those sources can disappear,
Sometimes those sources change,
Sometimes those sources can become a bore.

The happiness you find in yourself will always be in you,
No one will be able to take it away,
No one will be able to change it.

Internal happiness is always in you,

No matter where you are,

No matter what you are doing,
It’s always present.

To find internal happiness,
You must accept yourself,
You must accept your surroundings,
You must be content with what you have,
You must accept with what you may lose.

Imagine yourself in the worst possible situation,
Learn to be happy with that situation,
Count the blessings that you do have,
Your family,
Your friends,
Your health,
Your entertainment.

Knowing it all may disappear one day,
Knowing that if it does, you will be ok,
Knowing that all we really need in life are the basic necessities,
Everything else is a bonus,
A bonus you can take your time to obtain.

In the end,
We only have ourselves to love,
We only have ourselves to hate,

So be kind to yourself.

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