Thursday, July 7, 2016

Teach your inner demons

Do not try to kill or cast out your inner demons,
Teach them to be kind.

Teach your negative thoughts,
Teach your negative voices,
Think of them as your child.

Teach them the goodness of life,
Teach them to not hurt you,
Teach them to not hurt others,
Teach them to not hurt themselves.

Whenever they do something negative,
Tell them why not to do it,
Tell them that they are wrong,
Tell them that it is your mind, and they must respect your rules.

Teach them to be kind to you, yourself, to others, to themselves,
Teach them negativity may give them temporary happiness,
But won't do anything to gain everlasting happiness.

Always show them patience.

Never hurt your negative feelings and voices,
Don’t do unto them as they do unto you.

When they do try to hurt you,
Do not listen to them.
They are there just to hurt you,
Do not let them hurt you
Be the bigger person.
Negative feelings are childish,
They feed off the pain that you give them.
Do not be hurt by your negative thoughts,
Do not show them that you are hurting.
Laugh when they try to hurt you,
Show them that you are not afraid.
Never succumb to their negativity,
They are not part of you
Teach them the good of life through your words and actions.

Your negative feelings are not the true you,
Teach them to be like you.

Do not trust your negative thoughts and feelings,
I know not from whence they came, but they are not a part of the original you.

If they have the power to bring you down now,
Imagine the power they will have to bring you up,
When they themselves have learned to be kind.

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