Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Art of Not Caring

Not caring appears to be portrayed as something negative,
But not caring can also be a positive action.

If someone hurts you and you don't care,
You continue  your life without desire for revenge.

When you lose something and you don't care,
You can either replace it,
or you tell yourself didn't need it anyway.

When something bad happens and you don't care,
you don't think about that action over and over again in your mind.

When you miss the bus,
You don't stress about being late,
Because you know stress will not get you to your destination faster.

When your boss asks you to stay longer at work,
You don't care because you get more money anyway,
Even if you don’t, you won’t let it affect you,
Because why stress over something so mundane,
When there are more important things in life.

When a customer makes you repeat things,
You don't care because it’s just repetition,,
Nothing more, nothing less.

When someone makes a negative remark towards you,
You don't care because you accept that it’s true,
Or you reject it as false,
That person probably has their own problems anyway.

Not caring about certain things can be extremely beneficial
to your mind and your health,

It's your life, and yours to choose what you wish to care about.

You choose what is important to you.

You are the master of your own cares.

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  1. Notcaretrix 4000 - ACME®.

    Why care about something that can't be fixed or prevented?
    Maybe it's a better idea to spend that worry time in fixing the next thing to break. If you can't fix the world maybe you can fix your company or your neighbours day.

    I ended up laughing at a lot of shit instead of getting mad. Fuck you poopy bird !! Jajajaj

    ‡Handle with care, may enclose operator in a grey world where nothing matters, a world with no brightness or darkness, no colours, no music, no pain, lack of life and happiness a numb world that could easily be called hell but is better called limbo.

    ‡ Safety recommendations: Don't handle with wet hands, wear protection boots.

    † Remember to feel, little of pain will make an individual feel alive, spicy food, struggle if it's worth it, you won't get a second chance anyway.

    Is worse the pain of hitting the wall or the feeling of not having tried? - Said the father to the son