Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bask in the Glory of Negativity (Good)

Whenever someone tells you "No",
Whenever someone rejects you for anything,
Whenever you are in doubt,
Whenever you are lost,
Whenever you are sad,
Whenever you are full of fear,
Tell yourself; "Good".

I'm glad they said no, I will find my own way.
I'm glad I got rejected, I will do better next time.
I'm glad I am in doubt, it makes me think of other options.
I'm glad to be lost, I will create myself right here.
I'm glad to be sad, now I can start to be happy.
I'm glad to be full of fear, it will make me rise up to the challenge.

I’m glad to be hurt, I will become stronger.

Whenever you are filled with negativity,
Put an end to it, and tell yourself; "Good".

Now it’s your turn to act.

Bask in the Glory of your own Negativity.

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